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Via dei Giardini 38086 Massimeno TN


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The scientific name of the owl is “Athene Noctua” that derives from the goddess Atena, goddess of wisdom, which has become the symbol of the city of Athens.
The Massimeno inhabitants are nicknamed as “bégai” which in val Rendena dialect means owls. It’s a curious nickname that is handed down from old time. As a matter of fact rarely something escapes from the owl and it is very difficult to see, but the owl sees and knows everything (or at least it believes to know).
A little like in all the villages of the world.
Even for Massimeno the owl is the symbol of wisdom as the village has a history of emigrants that have acquired experience, and as you know, experience often brings wisdom!
The owl is a bird of prey who lives in the quiet of the woods like who is looking for a totally relaxing and peaceful holiday that can be found in Massimeno, an uncontaminated oasis, unique of its kind.


Every day from 6.30 p.m. to 12.00 p.m
Monday is closed.


Our pizza dough called “benessere” is a result of a mix of fl ours: khorasan, farro and whole wheat, Massimeno water, bio extra Virgin olive oil, yeast and pinch of Salt. This dough can be orded for any pizza.